Stone Care Products

After completing a Natural Stone project, you'll want to keep it sparkling.

Caring for your stone is an important step in keeping it looking beautiful.

We offer a wide range of
Dupont STONETECH Professional Products to help you maintain your stone product for years to come.

REVITALIZER: Used to clean and protect, this is Dupont's flagship cleaner. Easily and safely removes soils while reinforcing protection for easy cleaning.

STONE & TILE CLEANER:  Used to clean, this product is an economical cleaner for natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tile.

KLENZALL: Used to deep-clean and prepare for the re-sealing your stone. Quickly cuts through stubborn grease and soils. Great for natural stone and tile.

SEALER: Used to protect, this product provides economical protection against oil- and water-based stains. New, advanced formula bonds with stone for improved wear resistance.